Enhance Your Hockey Skills With New Innovative Skate From Agility Blades

August 10, 2016

agility-skatesThe scarce ice resources prompt the need for additional tools to enhance any players hockey abilities. With the use of synthetic ice and the new innovative skate designed for synthetic ice from my friends at Agility Blades, you can do just that. As some of you who have had experience with synthetic ice know, the friction is much greater then on real ice. Therefore, when moving in a straight line the deceleration is very rapid, causing the individual to tip forward. With Agility blades you don’t have that feeling. The wheel system allows you to feel as if you are gliding forward like on regular ice. The metal quality of the wheels mimic the blades on Real ice, allowing you to still have proper foot position when performing a hockey stop. Which requires the blades to be perpendicular to the ice, as opposed to roller skate hockey stop where the skate lean angle is close to 30 degrees off the ground. Further, using these blades maintains similar hight level as regular skates. This provides the player with opportunity to work on stick handling at proper body positioning. Please visit Agilityblades.com for more information.

Check out the video of my review of the Agility Blades in action.

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